What is SmartLogin

A new style of Sign-On and Id Federation has been born.

SmartLogin is an effective full service managed using Single Sign-On (SSO) and an identity provider based on Web Access Management (WAM).

SmartLogin gives IT departments the capability to maintain a centralized user database such as LDAP, Active Directory (AD) or other user directories for a company’s services collection.

Security departments can reinforce the password policies, since the user no longer needs to remember a password for each web service. Furthermore, SmartLogin enhances productivity as employees just need to log on within a corporate service farm with just a single and one-time identification.

Which apps can SmartLogin be integrated?

Hundreds of apps..

How does SmartLogin easier your life?

SmartLogin helps scale your company, making faster and easier the integration with new systems.

One password for all your apps.

SmartLogin provides a smart Single Sign-On. Users will no longer have to login on your corporate systems every time they need access. Through a simple sign-on, SmartLogin gives access to the corporate systems.

Users will enjoy the same work environment from anywhere and anytime: home, office, mobile, etc.

IT departments will reduce the resources to manage the lifecycle of employees as well as those services maintaining different user databases, not only the central log-on which grants access to internal corporate services, but also decentralized services on cloud such as Google Apps.

With a friendly dashboard within your company’s intranet, SmartLogin gives easy access to your corporate tooling set, to your users, and its a powerful management set that features the system admins.

… and easier management and security compliance for the company’s IT team.

Cloud and On-premises

SmartLogin is a versatile and moldable system, it can be set in your company architecture either for cloud like services or for your internal tools.

Core Features

SmartLogin gives a single organization the responsibility to manage identities and authentications. 
It reduces sign-on management.

Applications & Users

With a friendly dashboard within your company’s intranet, SmartLogin gives easy access to your corporate tooling set to for your users and apps. You can reduce human involvement giving users access to the apps based on departments, clients, projects, etc.

Directory integration

SmartLogin can host the user database. As a a core feature, it can delegate authentication to the central company’s user directory.

SmartLogin can bring together organizations to share the same applications. SmartLogin is a federated Identity that allows multiple companies to merge them through the same user managements. It can talk to:

  •  LDAP
  •  Active Directory and much more.

Real-Time Reporting

A key benefit of identity and access management is the centralized reports and event log. SmartLogin records all users activity and provides real time reports which can be used for IT department to make smart decisions at right time. It has the capability to provide information to response 4W, as well as in other areas:

  •  Who is connected?
  •  When has he/she been connected?
  •  What has he/she been doing?
  •  Where has he/she been connected from?


The versatile and moldable secure policy system which enables IT departments to configure and customize their users accesses.


Define your networks or offices based on policies and assign them to the system.


Set the locations where users are allowed to access.


Those users who are travelling can be assigned a temporary policy.


SmartLogin has been designed with the latest secure solutions to keep your data safe and at the same time to be flexible in order to integrate with your company secure systems.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multiples ways to set your own 2 factor authentication.

Password management

Length and complexity, expiration time, password history, etc

Encrypted database data

Personal data user is kept safe with strong encrypted algorithm.

Proactive system notification

Get real time notifications on your dashboard, email and mobile.

Geo-location IP blacklist

Real time layer-3 IP blacklist based on locations.

Smart IP blacklist

Bans IPs on layer-3 that show malicious signs.

VPN access

Access to SmartLogin through your own VPN.

Security Policies

Set the secure features according to user, location, etc.

… and much more …

No Passwords

Anywhere, any device, anytime. With the Device Identity feature, it makes it easier for users to handle mobile devices (BYOD) to access the corporate apps.

SmartLogin provides its own mobile app, together with its smart login token system and it makes it possible to access your desktop environments without entering credentials.


You can choose between Lite and Enterprise versions depending on your needs.

SmartLogin Lite (Free)

  • Features
  • Reports
  • Directory Connector
  • SSO
  • MFA
  • Security Policies
  • Desktop SSO
  • Mobile SSO
  • Third-Party Multifactor Providers
  • Unlimited managed user (limited to 50 users)
  • Unlimited managed applications (limited to 5 apps)
  • High Availability
  • Support

SmartLogin Enterprise

  • Features
  • Reports
  • Directory Connector
  • SSO
  • MFA
  • Security Policies
  • Desktop SSO
  • Mobile SSO
  • Third-Party Multifactor Providers
  • Unlimited managed user
  • Unlimited managed applications
  • High Availability
  • Support

SmartLogin is getting smarter

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